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Why soils matters

- A european perspective

Proceedings of the Conference

Welcome words and introduction

In a context where people have moved

away from soil’s characteristics and

functions, it is crucial to understand

that the rules of growth and harvest

cannot be decided artificially by humans.

Understanding and acknowledging these

rules will turn into a win-win situation

for plant, animal and human health, as well as the climate. It

is also a win-win situation for the economic viability of farms

in the long-term...

When talking about soil we can talk about

earth, humus or dirt

. But, basically it is a forgotten treasure’

Maria Heubuch

This event is held mid-way between

the agreement for the Sustainable

Development Goals and the Paris Climate

talks, which have equally important tasks

in relation to land, although that is not

always visible. The aim of this conference

is to look towards the future and the way

forwards for

better soil health-related



Michael Hamell

Michael Hamell

is adjunct professor of agriculture at University College


Maria Heubuch

is Greens/EFA member of the Committee on Development

(DEVE) and of the Committee on Agriculture (AGRI)..