Panama Papers: Turn it into a victory for tax justice!

One scandal chases another: LuxLeaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers... they all show there is a global system of corruption and injustice in place. A system that enables multinational corporations and the super-rich to avoid taxes on a drastically large scale, while ordinary citizens are obliged to pay their taxes. Every year up to €200 bln of tax revenue is lost to tax havens. We need to stop this system!

On 12 December, we have a great opportunity to fight money laundering and tax avoidance: The European Parliament will vote on its Panama Papers report. The report is full of concrete proposals for how to tackle money laundering and tax avoidance decisively and calls on EU institutions and member states to take action. The Greens/EFA group has fought to make the report tough on tax dodging.

But conservative forces in the European Parliament want to water down the report. They want to protect the interests of multinational corporations and put their profits over the interest of the public.

Help us to make the Panama Papers report a victory for tax justice: Tweet to MEPs from your country and ask them to vote for a strong Panama Papers report with powerful recommendations against money laundering and tax avoidance. Together we can make this change happen!


interests of multinational corporations


interest of
the public


  • Greens/EFA